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Ceramic Coating Myths 

December 9, 2020

Feature Blog!

1.I will never need to wash my car again….

FALSE. Unless you shrink-wrap your vehicle and store it in a cryogenic chamber for eternity, your car will always get dirty. Ceramic coatings will help keep your car cleaner for longer due to the self-cleaning capabilities built into the coatings. Unfortunately, they are not designed with force fields to prevent dirt, water, etc. from landing on your car. With all the countless benefits of ceramic coatings, you can easily see why this myth will stick around for a while.

2.Ceramic coatings are scratch proof….break out the key!

FALSE. If you consider being scratch resistant as scratch proof....You are gonna have a bad time! Though ceramic coatings provide far superior protection to a cars’ paint than conventional waxes and sealants, they are NOT scratch proof. With hardness greater than the clear coat on a car, ceramic coatings DO provide improved resistance against scratches, swirl marks, micro marring, chemical wear, and many more contaminants. The crazy ex still has an upper hand with the ol key!

3.Ceramic coatings are permanent….

FALSE. Though ceramic coatings have unmatched durability and protection, they are NOT permanent. Truth is, nothing is ever permanent. Don’t believe me; ask the arctic ice shelf. Ceramic coatings offer unmatched durability, hardness and longevity compared to conventional forms of protection and can last a very long time if properly maintained.

4.Ceramic coatings chip off like clear coat when they start to fail….

FALSE. Ceramic coatings do not chip or peel, it simply fades away with time like last weekends fiasco. You will notice the diminished gloss as well as increased water retention on the cars surface ie reduced hydrophobic properties. Ease of cleaning the car also diminishes towards the end. 

5.Ceramic coatings are indestructible. SHIELDS UP.... RED ALERT!

FALSE. We have all seen the videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook of cars being lit on fire and hit with rocks etc. Those are all gimmicky marketing tactics which misinform the general public. Even Mr. Musk found out the hard way about claiming one of his products was indestructible. Ceramic and graphene coatings for that matter are NOT force fields around your vehicle that will stop asteroids from penetrating your car. With the countless benefits of ceramic coatings, Indestructibility is NOT one of them. 

To learn about some truths and benefits of ceramics, visit our ceramic coatings page. We offer a variety of packages to suite your respective needs. 


Abdul Fawaz

The Boys Mobile Detailing

Curious Case Of George

February 10, 2021

GV370 Vacuum Extractor

George set out to be the best dry and wet vacuum there ever was in life. With all sorts of vacuums to compete with, George knew he had to be special. Special enough that he could do it all. Whether it was carpets or upholstery, dust piles or dirt, spills or stains, pet or people messes; George knew he HAD to handle all that and more if he were to be the best.

George did exactly that!

With a 1200W, 1.3 horsepower – two stage, 12-speed motor, and a 30-psi pump, George knew he had the core strength. Coupled with a Tritex filter, 110” water lift and 95cfm airflow George knew he had the skills. But that wasn’t enough for George; in fact some wet and dry vacuums could match his specifications.

To be the best you must beat the best!

George thought long and hard… alas, it came to him. What if I could wash things as well? Not just wash, but really, really wash and clean things?

“Extractor!” George exclaimed. 

“I could be an extractor as well. I have the powerful motor; I have the accessories and pump to make that happen. Why not?”

With great determination and ingenuity, George worked his magic and became a powerful extractor. Now George was a complete and powerful cleaning machine. George had accomplished the seemingly impossible task of fitting all these functions and uses into his small frame.

Powerful And Quiet.

George isn’t a big or noisy fella neither, standing at 51cm tall, with a 6 litre extraction capacity, weighing in at 19 pounds, and a mere 61 decibel quiet operation, it’s a marvel that he can accomplish all that in such a tiny frame.

Finally, George had managed to stand tall amongst the best of the best wet and dry vacuums in the world. Tiny yet powerful, cute but aggressive, subtle but impactful, George could do it all.

George was now a dry vacuum, wet vacuum, hard floor washer, carpet and upholstery extractor extraordinaire!

Joining the team...

It wasn’t a hard decision to choose George to join our team at The Boys Mobile Detailing. With his determination, versatility, adaptability, professionalism, and his unwavering commitment to quality, there was no other to fill our shampoo and extraction vacancy.

To date, George has performed at the same level as he did when joined us. Always joyful and committed to the task at hand, George has never failed us and neither will he fail you.

With powerful suction and pump capabilities, George is able to extract and refresh all upholstery in a given vehicle. He can extract and eliminate stains, dirt, mud, body oils, and much more from any upholstery or fabric in a vehicle. With an abundance of accessories, George is able to reach any nook and cranny you throw at him.

In fact, paired with the right fabric cleaner and hot water, George performs twice as well and delivers an even better finish.

We can’t imagine working without George, he’s loyal, hardworking, and always delivering quality finishes with a smile. Being a tiny guy, he’s the best companion to have on the road detailing cars…. spreading smiles: one car at a time.


Abdul Fawaz

The Boys Mobile Detailing

How We Got Our Name (Who We Are)

26 October 2020

We named the company after our two boys. In the interest of fairness; instead of naming the company after one son or the other, we decided to go with their collective nickname “the boys”. Whenever either their mother or I were away from them, we always checked in on them by saying “how are the boys doing?” or “what are the boys up to?”

We knew starting our own business was much more than a professional business endeavor. We wanted to express how personally committed we were to our clients and to the success of the business.

We brainstormed a few names but nothing resonated nor felt more like us as a family than “the boys.”

“The boys” feels right to us, it means something to us as a family, and it’s only fair I share this story with all our clients, as you feel like family too.

Thinking it through:

At first, we had concerns that the name may be received as gender-specific, but as time went by, and our clients started learning about us, people appreciated the name more after learning of the background.

With a name like ‘The Boys’, we knew we had to standout from the rest. Not just by the name or services we offered, but with more family values and how we accomplish the work.

We are steam based, meaning we will always try to use steam technology first before conventional detailing methods to accomplish the work. Water and environmental conservation are just some of our core operational principles.

Because the name represents our boys, we make sure the work represents them too. Our value principles are strong and unwavering…Honesty, Integrity, and Quality.

Honesty – We are upfront about everything we do. This is why we have all our prices listed on the website with a description of what you get and all the disclaimers that are involved. Not all detailing operations do this.

Integrity – If we say we are going to do something, we mean it. If we can’t, we will tell you upfront. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to hold us accountable to everything we say we will do. Besides, we are mobile: you can pull up a seat and watch us work on your car just as it is described in the package you selected.

Quality – This is one aspect of the business that completes our core principles. From the products we use to the towels and tools, we research and test everything on our own vehicles before using them on yours. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get the job done right, we will do everything to get it right, the first time, and the right way.

Our detailing package names:

As you go through our website and learn about us, you will notice that all the detailing packages end with the word ‘boy’ (e.g. basic boy, steam boy, foam boy, and the very popular shampoo boy). This was intentional from the start as we were designing the packages.

With our youngest boy being only 12 months old at the time, we were quickly reminded of how messy the cars can get, let alone the car seats. That’s when we introduced the “baby boy” package to the family. Specifically designed for busy parents like us who need more time with the little rascals than staying at home detailing and cleaning toddler seats.

Everywhere you go to get your car detailed, its always deluxe, luxury, gold, platinum packages etc. We wanted to go a different way, our way, and have a little bit of fun but yet tie into our name The Boys!

Each package ends with the word ‘boy’ but collectively, they complete the family and thus; as ‘the boys’ completed our small family, the packages complete the detailing family of service offerings.

Why mobile detailing?


We live in a world where almost everything is done online and on the couch. Why not auto detailing? We will come to you, or pick up your ride. To us the ‘mobile’ aspect of our business is in two parts. Firstly we will come to you wherever you are at no extra cost (weather permitting). Secondly, we offer complementary valet services for all our clients (pick up and drop off). We are mobile because our clients don’t have to be. You can enjoy your daily activities without worrying about when you should pick up or drop off your car at the detail shop.

Mobile detailing in winter:

Obviously, we can’t always offer our mobile services throughout the year in Edmonton. We do have a shop to continue our work through the year. The valet service is available year round at no extra cost. For those with spacious and heated garages, our dry steam and rinseless wash system still gives you the option to have mobile detailing services provided at the comfort of your home for both interior and exterior services.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!


Abdul Fawaz

The Boys Mobile Detailing

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